Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bucket List

Instead of the usual craft or baking post, I wanted to step away and write about something a little different. I started this blog really as a way to talk about my daily life as a wife, mother, daughter, sister. I found myself digressing and getting wrapped up on my current projects at the moment instead of talking about what goes on behind all of that. It could be because I don't think my role as a mother or my parenting is any more special than the next mother or parent. Maybe talking about myself, my life or family is a bit too personal and I'm not ready to share with whoever is out there. But what could be more personal than sharing photos of us and our daughter? So with the upcoming year, I hope I will be brave enough to open up and write more about us, our lives and what goes on behind all that crafting and sewing. Not to worry, I will still be inundating you with endless posts about children parties and pictures of sweets. I just hope to direct more focus back on the whole reason behind this blog - me and Gabby.

Let me start with this - my bucket list. So, I was wasting time on Pinterest last night and came across some exotic travel photos. It got me thinking of the bucket list I made back in mid-2005 of all the places I wanted to see and things I wanted to do. Going down the list, I'm happy I am able to mark some off as completed, but there are some that I need to cross off completely. I never got a chance to do them before becoming a parent and I think it's too late to do now. I shouldn't say too late, because nothing is ever too late. It's more that I don't see us spending a week at Burning Man nor does the thought of that sound one bit appealing to me anymore. It's something I just don't see us ever doing nor want to do. I suppose your priorities change and you move onto different things. Sometimes I do miss the days where I can stay out late with my friends but when morning comes and I get to see Gabby's sleepy eyes and hear her say, "Hi, Mama," I'm so glad I am exactly where I should be.

With no further ado, here is my list big and small in no particular order.

Bucket List from 2005 (updated items are highlighted in yellow):  

[ ] fly first class
[ ] listen to steel drums in the Caribbean
[ ] go camping in an RV
[ ] spend a week at Burning Man
[x] have shaved ice in Hawaii
[x] take a train through the Chunnel

[ ] find a four leaf clover
[ ] Atlantis!
[x] watch a Broadway play in NYC
[ ] play craps in Monoco
[x] shop in Shanghai
[x] be a princess for a day (felt like one on the day we got married)
[ ] learn to swim so I can swim with the dolphins
[x] go to a professional football game
[ ] take a convertible along 17-mile drive
[x] be an inspiration to my kids (well I'm not quite sure that I'm an inspiration to Gabby just yet)
[ ] pass the olympic torch
[x] parasail in Hawaii Thailand (close enough)
[x] horseback ride on the beach at sunset
[ ] meet Angelina Jolie
[ ] experience Tet in Vietnam
[x] learn to cook a turkey
[x] finish my scrapbook (I finished the scrapbook I made at the time and learned not to start any new ones!)
[ ] see a glacier
[ ] be serendated on a gondola in Venice
[x] start a business... guess u can say that
[ ] get my MBA (one day!)
[x] spend a weekend at a five-star resort 
[ ] take a financial risk and profit from it (we took a financial risk but have yet to see any profit - ha!)
[ ] see a fashion show in Paris
[x] eat crepes in Paris
[ ] learn to play an entire song on the piano - forgot it all!
[ ] stand in the front of a cruise boat like in "Titanic"
[ ] have ravioli in Italy
[ ] be able to point out more than two constellations (I still just know the Big Dipper and Orion's Belt)
[ ] Ibiza! (This one is iffy. I may cross this one off)
[ ] learn how to do a backflip
[ ] feel the sand between my toes in the motherland
[ ] be able to enjoy alcohol (nope, still can't handle alcohol)
[x] spend New Year's Eve at an outdoor block party
[ ] have a private dinner on top of a building overlooking NYC
[ ] score over 100 in bowling
[ ] see Van Gogh's 'Starry Starry Night' in person
[x] see da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' in person
[ ] go to a drive-in
[ ] watch a free outdoor movie in the park (courtesy of "Wedding Planner")
[ ] hug a redwood tree
[ ] dine with someone famous
[ ] stand behind a waterfall
[ ] be an extra in a film
[x] have kobe beef for dinner
[ ] mardi gras!
[ ] skinny dip in a natural hot spring
[ ] get par on 18 holes (I have since given up golfing but may pick it up again one day)
[ ] experience weightlessness
[ ] play in the WPT
[ ] go on a safari
[x] dress up for a Halloween costume party
[x] buy a house
[ ] explore a city in a helicopter
[ ] make a hole-in-one
[ ] touch Stonehenge
[ ] ice skate in Rockefellar Center
[ ] see NYC at christmas
[ ] go to the Oscar's
[x] walk the Great Wall of China
[x] learn how to ballroom dance (We took dancing lessons so I'll count this one)
[ ] whale watch in Maui
[ ] paint a picture
[ ] walk the Golden Gate bridge at sunrise
[ ] camp out for the Rose Parade
[ ] live outside of CA for a year
[ ] own an island
[ ] explore a cave
[x] visit Japan during the cherry blossom festival
[ ] see the aurora borealis
[ ] take pictures from a blimp
[ ] ride a cable car in Frisco
[ ] see the sunrise from Maui's Mt. Haleakala
[x] fire a weapon
[ ] hot air balloon

New Items Added to My Bucket List:
[ ] weekend away in a cabin with my whole family
[ ] see Gabby sing with her classmates at a school concert
[ ] get my palm read (again)
[ ] add to our family
[ ] learn how to play a song on the guitar
[ ] be in a parade
[ ] write a book - maybe children's book
[ ] collect family recipes to make into a book
[ ] write down my parents' life stories
[ ] sky dive (I go back and forth with this now that we have Gabby)
[ ] stop eating processed foods
[ ] feed a giraffe
[ ] run a 5K (I have to start small)
[ ] take a photography course
[ ] lay under the stars during a meteor shower
[ ] be able to do the scorpion yoga pose
[ ] do a time capsule / letter / memento for Gabby's wedding
[ ] keep up with emails / letters to Gabby
[ ] open an etsy shop
[ ] find Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef
[ ] invent something
[ ] volunteer at a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving or Christmas
[ ] learn to juggle
[ ] make a million bucks
[ ] retire young
[ ] read all the classics
[ ] renew our wedding vows
[ ] plant a garden
[ ] be on the Board of Directors of something
[ ] learn to knit a scarf
[ ] take a photo everyday for a year
[ ] build a Habitat for Humanity home
[ ] create a family tree
[ ] to be continued...

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