Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video Montage Out of a Box of Old Pics

My parents are celebrating their sapphire wedding anniversary this Saturday. That's 45 years! I was there for 30-something years of it and I can assure you that time goes by so fast. What I take from it is seeing that marriage is an ongoing process of compromise and communication. You don't cruise just because you've been together for X number of years. Even after this long, you are still constantly learning about each other, working on yourself, and investing in your marriage.

My parents always put their family before even themselves. For their 25th, they took us on vacation with them and even invited my aunts and some cousins along. That's just how they are. Family first. They want to share in the fun and love seeing the joy in others.

On their honeymoon, my parents ran into a couple they knew. The woman was crying because their hotel reservations got mixed up, every other place was booked too and and they didn't have a room. My mom felt bad and let the couple stay with them... on their honeymoon! When my parents got home, my mom told my grandparents what happened. My grandma was so mad and said sometimes you have to be selfish because it is your right. My mom just couldn't turn her back on her friends.

So, this Saturday we are having a dinner party at a restaurant. It was a last minute thing because at first my parents didn't want to do anything to draw attention to themselves. My aunt contacted me and said if they don't want a party, we'll throw them a surprise one because they deserve a celebration.

Anyway, I wanted to share the video montage we put together for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been five years already. For that party, we decided to do a slideshow. My parents literally had a cardboard box worth of pictures to sort through and scan. The pictures were all different sizes and shapes too. I looked around online and decided to use Scanapix to have the photos scanned to save me time. There was no way I could have scanned all those photos without pulling my hair out. Scanapix did a great job scanning them for us and quickly too. We received our originals back 100% accounted for and in its original condition.

It's lengthy but check out the first few minutes at least. You can check out the quality of the scanned photos.

Video Montage for My Parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary:

We used Scanapix again for our wedding slideshow as well as for my brother's 40th birthday. I gave Scanapix a stack of pictures and again they did a great job. I was able to make a 30 page 12x12 photo album through Shutterfly as my brother's present. This is for a guy who can literally buy anything himself... and does! So needless to say, he is a very difficult person to shop for. When he opened his present, he was so touched and said this is really priceless to him. Yay for being an awesome sister!

We just did a little spring cleaning at my parents house and found some old pictures from my grandma who passed away. My mom was really sad because the photos had melted and stuck together. These were photos from my grandma's childhood in the 1930's - all gone. I'm glad I'm able to save my parents photos for Gabby to see a little bit about our history. One day I want to sit down with my parents individually and jot down all their stories. It would be nice to have stories to go along with the photos to pass along to Gabby when she's older.


  1. Hi! I'm looking around for ideas for my daughter's 1st bday party and saw what you did for Gabby's! Loved the butterflies!
    I also looked around your blog and came across the video montage. First off, I LOVE old school and the fact that you found Scanapix and posted info is great! I'm sure your parents loved it. Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple :-)
    Thanks for sharing the info!!! My mom has lots of pics to scan as well

  2. Hi Guiselle! Thanks for the sweet comments. It's always nice to hear feedback. :)
    I hope you have a great experience with Scanapix like I did. I've used them many times and I have nothing but nice things to say about them. I love that I don't have to do ALL that work. So easy. I actually found more boxes of photos so will be using them again soon. :) Good luck on your daughter's 1st birthday. I look forward to seeing what you decide to do.